BLISS - New single


ELEMENTS OF MADWORK - Winter Tour 2015

Ten years after releasing the Album "Overflow" and two years after "The Obsolete Tour 2013", MADWORK is proud to announce the "Elements of Madwork - Winter Tour 2015", which will visit many Italian and European cities to present a collection of their songs together with the unreleased single "BLISS", which will be presented exclusively live in a world premiere.
The show, divided into the 5 elements (Air, Water, Earth, Fire and Void), is meant to represent the musical evolution of MADWORK and the balance achieved by the five elements of the band when they meet and clash in the creation of their music.
A unique and exclusive opportunity to get to know MADWORK on stage, while unleashing the fury of the elements.

MADWORK announces new drummer CARLOS CANTATORE

CARLOS (Annihilator, H-George, Braindamage, Rublood, Overmaster...) will be back to MADWORK because 11 years member FABIO "SPIKE" NORA is leaving the band for personal reasons, not concerning the love for the band fortunately. The band has scheduled three killer headline shows in Spain where SPIKE will complete his journey with the band!
Luca "BINKO" Bincoletto: "Carlos was our first drummer when we started the band, so he's always been part of the family. No one else knows us better than him in music, so it will be awesome cooperating to the new album together again!"

Carlos, welcome back!

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