MADWORK music immediately reaches the heart of listener for the perfect balance of heavy riffs and melancholic arpeggios, distorted bass, dark and electronic atmospheres, airy openings and catchy vocal melodies.
Entusiastically reviewed worldwide for their first album Overflow, MADWORK return with a preview of its new sound and a full set of killer songs, as they are used to compose and perform in live gigs.

MADWORK are an Italian electronic metal band formed by:
Beppe “Jago” Careddu: vocals
Mirco “Trigger” Maggiora: bass guitars
Luca “Binko” Bincoletto: keyboards, samples and loops
Fulvio “Deimos” Marenco: guitars
Carlos “CarlosMan” Cantatore: drums

The band comes to life in 1999 with the aim of proposing their own music, mixing the musical tastes of all the components of the group.
After few demos related to prog-metal genre, MADWORK begin a process of experimentation for new musical contaminations and solutions that leads to detachment from the prog-metal sound, producing in 2003 a demo, "Leaving All Behind", which fully represents the new road taken. The demo gets the desired effect, giving some production and distribution proposals and finally, in 2005, the first full-length, called "Overflow", is published for Le Parc Music. The album contains 11 songs that best represent the music of MADWORK: a variety of atmospheres that is very well received by the press, while not facilitating the classification of the band in a well specific genre.

The most important magazines who have reviewed "Overflow":
RockHard (ITA): 8/8
RockSound (ITA): 7/10 (ITA): 8/10 (ITA): 87/100 (ITA): 83/100 (USA): 9/10 (GER): 8/10 (ARG): 5/5

Between 2005 and 2006 MADWORK start a promotional live tour, performing more than 40 concerts and contests in some of the most important locations in the North of Italy.
Soon after "Overflow" MADWORK start to work on a second album, but in 2008 the guitarist and co-founder of the group Jork friendly leaves the band.
It's difficult to fill the empty place left by Jork, but finally in 2011 MADWORK find in Nicoḷ Greppi the guitarist with the right mentality and the necessary technical skills. New songs come to life, with a more aggressive and electronic mood, but still in the atypical MADWORK style.
At the end of 2012 MADWORK release the videoclip of the song "Hide & Seek", that gives to the band the chance to be contacted by various musical labels.

In the same period, MADWORK start collaborating with Marzio “Mr. Z” Francone, a well known italian producer that joins the MADWORK project for the artistic production of the new album, giving to the band a straight identity and a stronger musical direction.

In January, 2013 MADWORK sign a deal with the historical italian Label UNDERGROUND SYMPHONY for the release of a new full lenght album.

After Nicoḷ's friendly splitting from the band and having him substituted by Chris “Red Oni” Rosso (well known for being a co-former member of italian power-metal band Desdemona) at the guitars, in july 2013 MADWORK start the production of the second full length album, called “Obsolete“ and released September 15, 2013.

Starting from fall 2013, thanks to the partnership signed with Alpha Omega Management, MADWORK perform a live promotional tour in Europe, supporting bands like Hypocrisy, HateSphere and Tarja Turunen in the italian leg of her "Colours in the Road" tour.

In october 2013 MADWORK release the videoclip of the first single of the album, "Traum".
In april 2014 Chris "Red Oni" Rosso friendly leaves the band. After some auditions, MADWORK find in Fulvio "Deimos" Marenco his new guitar player. Fulvio immediately takes an active role in the band and starts to tour with MADWORK at Metro Club in Vilnius (LIT) and in the Italian dates of the "Obsolete Tour" with Tarja.

Sponsored by Label UNDERGROUND SYMPHONY, MADWORK joins the tribute compilation "Tales of the Northern Swords", dedicated to the mighty band HEAVY LOAD, with the song "Heathens from the North". The band, after the releasing of the compilation, publish the song's lyrics video.

In november 2014 MADWORK release the videoclip of the second single of the album, "Another Beautiful Lie". Right after this, with Marzio Francone they begin the preproduction for the third studio album.

At the beginning of 2015 MADWORK announce new drummer Carlos “CarlosMan” Cantatore; Carlos (Annihilator, H-George, Braindamage, Rublood, Overmaster, ...) is returning to MADWORK because after eleven years Fabio "Spike" Nora is leaving the band for personal reasons, not concerning the love for the band, fortunately.